10 Fantasy Monsters Jin-Woo Should Fight in Solo Leveling
10 Fantasy Monsters Jin-Woo Should Fight in Solo Leveling

10 Fantasy Monsters Jin-Woo Should Fight in Solo Leveling

10 Fantasy Monsters Jin-Woo Should Fight in Solo Leveling

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The hit fantasy anime Solo Leveling burst onto the scene in Winter 2024’s anime lineup, starring the lovable underdog Jin-woo Sung. He was introduced as an E-rank hunter who struggled to defeat even the weakest fantasy monsters, such as goblins, while raiding dungeons with his fellow hunters. Then, after cheating death in a vicious dungeon, Jin-woo began leveling up, and now he’s ready to face a bigger variety of critters, all on his own.



Already, Jin-woo has defeated metal-jawed wolves and giant snakes, and he is just getting started. Now that Jin-woo is a proper dungeon crawl veteran, he’s in a position to fight a much wider variety of fantasy monsters. Anime fans can guess what Jin-woo fights next, referring to the creatures found in other fantasy and isekai anime, and certainly Western fantasy as well, from folklore tales to The Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons.


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10 Golems Are Tough, Emotionless Monsters Who Often Serve Arcane Masters

dungeons and dragons stone golem

Key Traits of Golems:

  • Golems resist mental attacks, such as telepathy.
  • Golems usually just obey their master’s orders.
  • Golems typically guard someone or something.

Golems don’t appear that often in anime, so if Jin-woo Sung fought some in a dungeon crawl, that would be a refreshing change of pace for fantasy anime fans. In a way, Jin-woo has already faced some golems, in the form of those giant, merciless statues from the Solo Leveling anime’s first two episodes. The giant statues were artificial beings of stone who simply followed some pre-set instructions.

More conventional fantasy golems are smaller than that, but still bigger and tougher than regular people, so they could serve as a decent challenge for Jin-woo in future dungeons. Games like Dungeons & Dragons suggest that golems can be made from many different materials, not just earth or stone, including iron, flesh, and crystal. Such golems might even have breath attacks or basic weapons.

9 Zombies Are Undead Horrors That Will Swarm Unsuspecting Heroes

Key Traits of Zombies:

  • Zombies attack in huge numbers whenever possible.
  • Zombies may serve a necromancer or god of death.
  • Zombies are slow but tenacious.


The 20 Best Zombie Anime To Watch Right Now

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Zombies are an iconic staple for horror movies, shows, and anime, from The Walking Dead to World War Z to the subversive comedy animeZom 100: Bucket List of the Dead. The living dead are usually portrayed as tenacious, fearless creatures from the grave who like to mob hapless victims in shopping malls or other urban settings, though zombie swarms can still be dangerous out in the open, too.

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Zombies are usually just filler monsters in the eyes of elite fantasy heroes, with zombies being rotting meat shields for their necromancer masters. If Jin-woo Sung gets strong enough, even a small army of zombies will just be a warmup until Jin-woo takes on their master in personal combat. In some anime, though, zombies are more than walking corpses; they can have the powers or even the memories of their former selves, such as when Giselle Gewelle in Bleach used her power, The Zombie, to take control of her dead ally Bambietta. That’s the kind of zombie Jin-woo should watch out for.

8 Shapeshifters Are Clever Creatures That Might Imitate a Friend

A Changeling wearing a mask in DnD

Key Traits of Shapeshifters:

  • Shapeshifters might use telepathy to understand a target’s mind.
  • Shapeshifters rely on stealth and surprise.
  • Shapeshifters make good spies and saboteurs.

Shapeshifters, sometimes known as changelings, are tricky fantasy creatures who may be heroic, evil, or anything in between. What they have in common is their reliance on clever trickery, assuming the form of certain people to fool everyone else. Shapeshifters can easily wreak havoc by giving bad orders while disguised as a leader, for example, or march right into enemy territory while wearing a deceptive face so they can spy on everyone.

In a dungeon crawl, such as in Solo Leveling, villainous shapeshifters will confuse the party by assuming the form of a party member, giving them a chance to attack everyone else while their guard is down. The original person might be captured or killed to make room for the shapeshifter copy, or the original and shapeshifter may face off, with the party’s other members unsure who to attack.

7 Orcs Are a Tolkien Staple For Evil Armies in Fantasy

rings of power orcs

Key Traits of Orcs:

  • Orcs are often soldiers, bandits, or raiders.
  • Orcs rely on brute strength and simple tactics.
  • Orcs sometimes have wolves as war beasts.

Author J. R. R. Tolkien helped make orcs a fantasy mainstay with his classic The Lord of the Rings, and ever since then, orcs have been popular antagonists in fiction. By default, orcs are brutish, chaotic beings who love raiding and butchering their enemies, and they may obey either their leaders or a stronger non-orc, such as Sauron. Orcs are often seen raiding settlements, but they can still appear in dungeons, too.

For Jin-woo Sung, typical orcs will be a mere warmup for deadlier foes, but orcs can still threaten Jin-woo’s other allies, such as Jinhoo Yoo. Orcs sometimes appear in other anime too, such as That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, where pig-like orcs formed a fearsome army, devouring their enemies to borrow their attributes. Fortunately, Rimuru Tempest found a way to make peace with them.

6 Vampires Are Cruel, Aristocratic Monsters With Decadent Desires

Key Traits of Vampires:

  • Vampires can shapeshift into bats and mist.
  • Vampires enjoy luxurious lifestyles.
  • Vampires savor the thrill of the hunt.


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Vampires rank among the most popular, common, and stylish fantasy monsters in Western fiction and Japanese anime alike. Folklore around the world describes humanoid creatures who feed on people’s blood, with modern vampires taking inspiration from author Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula. Today, pop culture fans picture vampires as long-lived, hedonistic beings who live like royalty. They can also be cute or comedic in some anime series to balance out their image.

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Vampires may pose a serious threat to Jin-woo Sung and his party members in Solo Leveling since vampires have a higher power ceiling than creatures like orcs and zombies do. Vampires have the potential to be enormously powerful, as vampires like Alucard in Hellsing show, so if Jin-woo ends up in a vampire’s lavish lair, he must stay on guard, no matter his level.

5 Giants Tower Over the Heroes as Brute-Force Antagonists

diane is charging in the seven deadly sins

Key Traits of Giants:

  • Giants rely on brute strength to fight.
  • Giants may keep large animals as pets.
  • Giants might sometimes be friendly.

Giants are simple but powerful creatures in fiction, oversized humanoids who can be anything from brute savages to tough but fair warriors with some semblance of civilization. One example is the warlike giants in The Seven Deadly Sins, where combat prowess and bloodshed mean everything. Diane, however, didn’t like the fighting, so she left her giant tribe and joined Meliodas’ group as a knight.

Giants should provide Jin-woo Sung with a decent challenge in Solo Leveling if the anime gives them a dungeon lair large enough to live in. As for what giants can do in battle, games like Dungeons & Dragons give them plenty of options. If Solo Leveling takes the D&D route, Jin-woo can expect to fight armored fire giants immune to heat-based attacks, frost giants who shrug off ice, and even storm giants who wield lightning magic.

4 Werewolves Strike When the Moon Is Full

innistrad werewolves charging at night

Key Traits of Werewolves:

  • Werewolves attack at night.
  • Werewolves tend to hunt solo.
  • Werewolves are weak to silver.

Werewolves aren’t as popular as vampires in fantasy stories, but they are still well-known genre staples that can pose a serious threat to any hero. By default, werewolves look human by day, only to morph into wolf-like killers when the moon is full. Some werewolves can transform at will, no matter the moon’s phases, but nearly all werewolves fear the power of silver.

Werewolves tend to raid towns and villages, but it’s conceivable that Jin-woo Sung may face these lupine horrors in a dungeon since the dungeons in Solo Leveling can have anything and everything in them. While the coolest werewolves hunt solo, a dungeon might feature an entire pack of them, and Jin-woo had better bring his silver-bladed swords or silver-tipped arrows to the fight.

3 Demons Are Master Manipulators With a Cruel Personality

Kokushibo angrily baring his teeth

Key Traits of Demons:

  • Demons offer deals to mortals tempted by power.
  • Demons sometimes assume human forms for negotiations or stealth.
  • Demons rank among the cruelest, most sadistic monsters of all.


Demon Slayer: How Muzan Kibutsuji Became the Demon King

The demons in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba have never been one-dimensional villains, and the same is true for Muzan Kibutsuji, the Original Demon.

Demons can take a wide variety of forms in fiction, from giant, bat-winged beasts with horns to humans with strange eyes or twisted abominations from humanity’s worst nightmares. Some anime series involve cute or harmless demons just for fun, but other demons are a deadly threat, such as the flesh-eating horrors found in Demon Slayer. Those demons have fangs, claws, and a variety of blood demon arts to use in battle.

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Jin-woo Sung may face any variety of demons in those dungeons, ranging from an off-brand Balrog to something more akin to Muzan Kibutsuji and the elite Upper Moons. In any case, Jin-woo must be ready, because, like vampires, demons have an incredibly high power ceiling, like the obligatory “demon lord” characters in isekai anime show. Notably, Western demons have a theme of offering twisted deals to tempt mortals, while anime demons rarely do that.

2 Dragons Breathe Fire and Dominate the Skies

a red dragon vs a knight dnd

Key Traits of Dragons:

  • Dragons often hoard treasure.
  • Dragons are smarter than they get credit for.
  • Dragons are proud, stubborn creatures.

Dragons rank among the most popular and memorable fantasy monsters of all, and they helped inspire the title of Dungeons & Dragons. If Jin-woo gets an episode with both dungeons and dragons in Solo Leveling, he will be in for the fight of a lifetime, given how overwhelmingly powerful dragons can be. Dragons require a large lair to be comfortable, preferably one loaded with treasure, Smaug-style.

With or without enough room to fly around, a typical dragon should pose an incredible threat to a fantasy hero like Jin-woo Sung, who must contend with the creature’s tough scales, huge claws, sharp teeth, and most of all, fire-breath attacks. But if Jin-woo can claim victory, then the dragon’s treasure hoard is his to pick through, a fine reward for a job well done.

1 Slimes Are Cute Little Monsters For Low-Level Adventurers to Face

Rimuru Tempest after being reincarnated as a slime

Key Traits of Slimes:

  • Slimes are just as often an anime hero’s pet as a hero’s enemy.
  • Slimes are found both indoors and outdoors.
  • Slimes are weak but may be dangerous in large numbers.

Fantasy anime has plenty of high-end monsters like demon lords and vampires, but no hero is ready for the end boss in episode 1. Until then, heroes can grind levels fighting more moderate creatures, such as goblins or giant spiders. Heroes can even fight slimes, jelly-like creatures who are easy to wipe out. A colony of slimes will be tougher, but not too dangerous in most cases.

For comedy’s sake, and to wink at the viewer, the Solo Leveling anime can include a scene of Jin-woo getting ready to fight deadly foes, only to stumble upon some humble slimes that nibble away at his HP. More likely, aggressive slimes will be a problem for any teammates Jin-woo might have by his side. Then there are anime like My Isekai Life and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, which present slimes as heroes instead.

Jin-Woo Sung and Other Warriors Pose on the Solo Leveling Promo

Solo Leveling

In a world of gifted hunters and monsters, a weak hunter Sung Jin-Woo gains extraordinary powers through a mysterious program, leading him to become one of the strongest hunters and conquering even the strongest dungeons.

Release Date
January 7, 2024

Aleks Le , Taito Ban

Main Genre


A-1 Pictures

Main Cast
Taito Ban, Aleks Le

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