Genos’ 10 Strongest Powers, Ranked
Genos’ 10 Strongest Powers, Ranked

Genos’ 10 Strongest Powers, Ranked

Genos’ 10 Strongest Powers, Ranked

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The world of One Punch Man is packed full of powerful characters, each with unique powers and abilities. But even in this crowded field, fan-favorite Genos stands out. A stoic cyborg created by Dr. Kuseno, Genos follows and studies under Saitama, hoping to become as powerful as the titular hero.



While he is training to get stronger, Genos is already immensely strong, as, during the anime’s runtime, Genos has defeated several powerful foes and gone toe-to-toe with some massive villains. One reason for Genos’ success is his immense repertoire of powerful moves, but which of these moves is the strongest, and which are just handy bonuses?


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10 Search Eye And Sensors Let Genos Plan His Attacks

Genos from One Punch Man with an eye missing.

Genos’ cybernetic body contains many different sensors, including his Search Eye. These sensors allow Genos to detect heat signatures, track energy fluctuations, and follow fast-moving objects. While this power isn’t as instantly memorable as some of Genos’ other powers, these sensors are valuable. In the world of One Punch Man, keeping track of foes and knowing what they’re capable of is highly important in battle, as some of the most regular-looking people can have extraordinary powers, so accurately predicting what someone is capable of can turn the tide.

Genos’ ability to track objects allows him to negate many powers, like smoke screens and cloaking, giving him an advantage over many foes. However, these sensors are far from perfect, as superfast objects can evade his tracking, and some creatures throw off his detection abilities. So, while helpful, Genos’ sensors are far from his best power.

9 Upgrades Mean He Keeps Getting Better

The cyborg nature of Genos’ body means that he can replace parts of himself with new ones, giving him different powers and abilities. So far, anime fans have seen Genos get a few massive upgrades, including several major arm upgrades. In the National Superhero Registry Arc, Genos replaced his arms with Anti-Saitama Tactical Arms, boosting his punching strength and projectiles. Plus, after being defeated by Gouketsu, Genos gets a complete body upgrade, further increasing his power and allowing him to use a slew of new abilities, including giving him access to a pair of razor-sharp arm blades.

This gives Genos a gigantic advantage in battle. While others must train for months, if not years, to grow stronger, Genos can quickly gain new powers when the situation calls for it. However, the biggest downside is that he needs someone to make the upgrades for him, meaning that if that person isn’t around, Genos loses the ability to upgrade. Plus, as the Anti-Saitama Tactical Arms show, a simple upgrade doesn’t guarantee that Genos can take a foe down.

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8 Self-Detonation Is The Ultimate Desperation Play

genos is getting his hair blown back during a fight


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One quirk of Genos’ cyborg body is that, by overheating his core, Genos can cause his body to violently explode, turning himself into a walking bomb. Anime viewers have not seen this power in action but have heard about it, as Genos first mentioned the idea during episode two when he feels like the battle against Mosquito Girl is hopeless. However, Saitama intervenes before Genos can go ahead with the plan.

Of course, the main downside of this power is its collateral damage. This move lacks finesse and can’t be targeted, meaning that everyone nearby gets hurt by it. Because of this, the move can’t be used frequently, as while it might damage the enemy, it will also hurt a lot of other heroes and civilians. Plus, it is unknown if Genos can survive the blast, meaning that this move might be a one-time use, further reducing its usefulness as an offensive move. Because of this, Genos’ self-destruct is powerful on paper but highly limited in actual battle situations.

7 Super Speed Means Genos Can Hit Quickly

Anime One-Punch Man Genos Fights Speed-O-Sound Sonic

Genos’ cybernetic body gives him beyond human speed, allowing him to traverse massive distances in moments. Additionally, Genos’ body is specially designed to handle high speeds, meaning that Genos can move quickly for long periods without worrying about damaging himself as he gets up to speed or decelerates. Because of this, Genos can keep up with other speed-based heroes and villains, such as when Genos manages to nearly keep up with Speed-o’-Sound Sonic during episode 14.

This is a fantastic ability that boosts Genos’ offensive and defensive abilities. Defensively, super speed allows Genos to dodge incoming attacks with ease. This is useful, as the fewer hits a fighter takes, the longer they can fight for. Offensively, Genos’ speed allows him to get in an optimal attack position quickly, allowing him to expertly exploit holes in his foe’s defenses. However, the downside is that Super Speed isn’t a battle-winning power on its own, meaning that it is a utility power at most.

6 Hand-To-Hand Mastery Is An All-Round Skill

Genos using his Anti-Saitama Arms in One Punch Man

Genos is an expert martial artist, able to hold his own in many battles with people at and above his level. During fights, he’s shown to be able to deploy a wide variety of kicks, punches, and grapples and knows when to use these for maximum effect. However, while Genos is a hand-to-hand combat expert, that means little in the world of One Punch Man.

So many One Punch Man heroes and villains have powers that utterly obliterate the laws of physics, so punches and kicks won’t help much. This is especially true by the end of the anime’s second season, where foes like Elder Centipede are commonplace. No matter how good someone is at combat sports, they won’t be able to take down a kaiju-sized centipede with an armored hide and the ability to regenerate massive chunks of its body. Genos’ hand-to-hand skill sits in the middle of his powerset, so it is far from his best ability.

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5 Detachable Limbs Allow For Odd Attacks

genos and garou in a fight


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Due to his cyborg body, Genos can detach his limbs without harming himself. Genos uses this ability during his Rocket Punch attack, which sees him launch his fist at a distant opponent. Like many of Genos’ powers, his limb removal gets upgraded several times during the story. Initially, during the battle with G4 in episode 13, Genos’ fists are attached to his body via a wire, limiting their range. However, by the time Genos battles Garou in episode 23, he’s lost this downside.

Not only do the fists have attached rocket boosters, but they can be remotely controlled by Genos. This ability allows Genos to unleash a powerful punch. Having these detachable limbs function independently of Genos opens up many new options for attack, giving him a massive advantage against less creative foes while allowing Genos to quickly turn the tide of battle.

4 Tactical Prowess Means Genos Can Control The Battle

Anime One-Punch Man Genos Fights Elder Centipede

Throughout One Punch Man, Genos is shown to be an expert tactician, keeping his foes on the back foot by employing regular and cybernetically enhanced combat techniques at the right moments to change the flow of battle. Genos is deeply aware of his strengths, weaknesses, and limits and knows how to best use his strengths while preventing the exploitation of his flaws.

Plus, Genos is also able to come up with out-of-the-box tactics on the fly when the situation calls for it, as seen when he climbs inside Elder Centipede’s mouth before unleashing his Incineration Cannons, allowing him to avoid Elder Centipede’s thick outer armor. This is an important ability, as raw strength can’t win every fight unless you are as powerful as Saitama. Knowing how and when to use the abilities you have at your disposal is essential to becoming a mighty warrior.

3 Machine Gun Blow Allows Genos To Turn The Tables

Genos using his machine gun punch in One Punch Man


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One of Genos’ most iconic abilities is his Machine Gun Blow. This punch combines several of his other powers into one Earth-shattering move. The Machine Gun Blow sees Genos pull his arms back and unleash a rapid flurry of punches, hammering his foe with many blows in seconds, making this move very hard to block or dodge. Plus, due to Genos’ natural strength, each of these punches does loads of damage, meaning this attack can easily obliterate an unprepared foe.

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This attack is so impressive because it combines power with versatility. Due to its nature, Genos can use it at any point during a battle, as long as his foe is within arm’s reach, without needing a long charge-up period. Because of this, Genos can easily exploit an opening in his foe’s defense, allowing him to take control of a fight whenever he wishes.

2 Durability Keeps Him Fighting Longer

One-Punch Man Anime Genos Battle Damaged Tears

Genos is amazingly durable, giving him a massive advantage on the battlefield. This durability manifests in two ways. Firstly, the metal that makes up Genos’ body is more durable than human flesh, meaning many attacks that would maim a human hardly even phase him, making it hard for lower-level heroes to defeat him. Secondly, due to his cyborg nature, Genos can rebuild himself, meaning he can return from even the most devastating defeats.

This durability makes Genos one of the most fearsome warriors in One Punch Man. Due to his increased durability, Genos can fight harder and longer than many other heroes without fear of dying. Plus, as he can be rebuilt, he can have several goes at taking down an opponent, giving him time to learn their strengths and come up with a way to counter them. Once Genos sets his sights on someone, they’re going to have to keep their guard up long-term if they hope to survive.

1 Incineration Cannons Are Devastating

Genos’ most feared weapons are his Incineration Cannons. These weapons, mounted onto each of Genos’ palms, allow the hero to fire a beam of concentrated heat at his foes, causing them to combust or explode. Like Genos himself, these cannons get upgraded as the story progresses. By the end of the anime’s second season, Genos has used the more powerful Maximum Gauge Incineration Cannon and Super Spiral Incineration Cannon.

This is Genos’ most powerful power by far because of its sheer destructive capability, something shown by how much damage the beam does to the surrounding area whenever it is fired. Incineration Cannons can devastate most foes, with only high-level, overpowered foes like Saitama and Elder Centipede able to withstand this attack while remaining fully combat-ready. Because of this, the Incineration Cannon is not only one of Genos’ strongest attacks. It is also one of the mightiest moves in One Punch Man.

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