Naruto & Boruto’s Team 7s Get the Relaxing Moment They Always Deserved in New Art
Naruto & Boruto’s Team 7s Get the Relaxing Moment They Always Deserved in New Art

Naruto & Boruto’s Team 7s Get the Relaxing Moment They Always Deserved in New Art

Naruto & Boruto’s Team 7s Get the Relaxing Moment They Always Deserved in New Art

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  • Talented artist captures a peaceful moment for both Team 7s in Naruto and Boruto.
  • Art expertly replicates the iconic style of original creator Masashi Kishimoto.
  • Artwork highlights the dynamics and personalities of each team member in a single frame.



Team 7 from Naruto and Boruto faced much hardship, so an incredible new piece of fan art might be one of the most pleasant pieces fans will see. The Naruto sequel series has continued the trend of pitting young ninjas against overwhelming odds. A new Team 7, made up of the children of Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Orochimaru, has a very different upbringing. Still, each team has been effectively recreated during a time away from deadly missions.

Storylines explored in the mangas are often filled with intense action and impressive ninja techniques. Moments of relaxation are not often portrayed because conflict is arguably more exciting. However, the characters that makeup Team 7 in Naruto and Boruto are beloved enough that many fans are happy to see each team enjoying some time off.

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The talented artist BrentonsArt on X shared a mirroring snapshot of both Team 7’s lives, where they seem to be enjoying time together outside Konoha village. Brenton’s work perfectly replicates Masashi Kishimoto’s legendary style. Boruto and Naruto’s teams are depicted as their younger selves before each series’ time skips, a more peaceful time that each teammate would look back on fondly.


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Fan Art That Says A Lot With Very Little

Naruto Boruto

Fans who have experienced the Naruto series are familiar with the dynamic its Team 7 shares, a dynamic the fan art expertly captures. Sasuke is a determined genius who tries to be a loner. Sakura fawns over Sasuke while putting herself above Naruto, who is lying on the ground and sharing a carefree moment with a kabuto beetle. The excellent piece of art masterfully captures the epitome of the characters with a single frame, and the same attention to detail is mirrored on Boruto’s side of the piece.

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Naruto’s Team 7 rests on the right side of the image, while Boruto’s Team 7 rests on the left. The daughter of Sakura and Sasuke and a strong candidate for becoming a Hokage someday, Uchiha Sarada is seen soaking her feet in a pond as Boruto tries on her signature red glasses. One of Boruto’s first powerful foes, Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, warned the sequel’s titular character that his eyes would eventually be his downfall. With that being said, having Sarada’s glasses represent her part in helping Boruto in his times of greatest need is a clever touch.


Boruto’s Sequel Has Already Completely Subverted Its Status Quo

Kawaki’s plan to replace Boruto and lead the Next Generation into the future hits a snag, as two important parts of his plan begin to unravel.

The Boruto series has been released in a very different format than Naruto did. Anime episodes of Boruto are more filler than not, but they have given characters like Mitsuki backstories the manga does not. However, he’s a character who prioritizes his friends above almost everything else. Brenton’s art nails Mitsuki’s bliss he feels around his friends with an expression that makes him look happy just to be there and rating his friends a perfect 10. The fan art is an excellent example of the artist’s talents and effective understanding of Naruto and Boruto‘s characters.

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Source: BrentonsArt/X

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