16 Sexual Anime That Are Somehow Not Hentai
16 Sexual Anime That Are Somehow Not Hentai

16 Sexual Anime That Are Somehow Not Hentai

16 Sexual Anime That Are Somehow Not Hentai

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Ecchi, the genre for sexual anime, used to be a pretty different watch experience than it is today. It used to be they were stuffed full of jiggling boobs, gloriously shiny butts, and every manner of contrived deviant situation to titillate an audience.

Older sexual anime had plenty of fanservice, but also have plenty of plot. These days, ecchi anime often uses the fanservice as the plot. It’s not for me to say if it is a bad thing or not, but boy, it does make you wonder how some series aren’t labeled hentai with how bold they have become.

If you are looking for particularly sexual anime recommendations, then give the uncensored versions of these anime series a try.

Sexual Anime

peter grill anime

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time starts off pretty standard if you enjoy your harem fantasy anime. It follows a hero and recent savior of the land having every girl throwing themselves at him.

However, it is around the time oni are practically pulling off his pants to get at his legendary baby batter that you realize that this will be an advanced ecchi experience.

Although the entire premise of Peter Grill is about how he only wants to be with his girlfriend and not other girls – he also gets with the other girls, giving them the genetic material they are after.

Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time is really the pinnacle of sexual anime since it is one of the few anime that actively injects it into every episode.

qwaser of stigmata anime

The Qwaser of Stigmata

Everyone knows that the booba hold a magical, mythical, and mysterious power. The Qwaser of Stigmata apparently has taken that legend seriously as the series is about warriors that can control elements by ingesting breast milk.

The Qwaser of Stigmata has a bare bones plot about the main character looking for something at a school and other, more evil milk-sops doing the same. However, it gave up on any further attempt at creative writing after the breast milk thing.

why the hell are you here sensei anime

Why The Hell Are You Here, Sensei?

Why The Hell Are You Here, Sensei is the type of short-form episode anime that makes you wonder – Why the hell was it made, sensei?

In each meandering 11-minute episode, the sole meat of the anime is about the shenanigans of four student/teacher pairs where the students always walk in on their adult female teachers in compromising – and very sexy – positions. It’s like a sexy anime girl pin-up poster, but with slightly animated comedy.

That said, it’s not bad, especially if student-teacher romance anime is something that catches your interest.

keijo anime


If the horniest adolescent could create a sport, they would create the sport of keijo. The titular sport in this anime is played in a pool where girls stand on floating platforms and try to knock each other off in order to win.

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While that in and of itself is already pretty horny. The anime goes a step further by making it so they can only knock each other off using their boobs and butts.

While this perhaps not what you would call a sexual anime people having sexy sex, I think it includes enough bait.

Sora and Haruka from Sky of Connection

Sky of Connection

There are many anime adaptations of visual novels, but most anime adaptations leave out the naughty bits where they bang at the end of each route. I mean, that’s a pretty solid strategy to sell the visual novel to people that got really invested in the waifus and want to see them bear it all.

Yosuga no Sora, however, is a visual novel adaptation that breaks all the rules. Not only does it adapt the romance all the way to its bedroom conclusion, but it does so for all the girls – Yes, even his sister.

While Yosuga no Sora tries decently hard to evoke emotion with its complicated character stories, people will really only remember it for sex and incest.

so i cant play h anime

So I Can’t Play H

Succubi, or those who use sexual desires as energy, are rather common in ecchi, but usually low-key and not main waifus. So I Can’t Play H puts a succubus in the main girl role and makes a series fully about fights fueled by teenage male horniness.

The story focuses on a female “Soul Reaper” who is looking for the One, a magically potent individual of myth. She fuels the magic used in her furious search by forming a pact with a horny young man, using his desires as energy.

The plot here puts in the bare minimum effort, but you can tell that most of that effort went into designing and animated exposed, bouncy flesh.

harem in the labyrinth of another world anime

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World

Isekai had been steadily chugging towards this point for awhile. Either they had remained stagnated, recycling the same basic premise, or they were steadily outdoing each other with more and more outrageous hooks.

Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World is pretty much the apex of outrageous hooks. It suggests that it is one of those stagnated isekai plots about exploring dungeons with a harem. However, it quickly becomes suspect when you realize the main character bought that harem as slaves.

What’s more, while they do aid him in adventuring, the dessert at the end of every Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World episode after a certain point is him returning home and having graphic sex with them too.

interspecies reviewers anime

Interspecies Reviewers

Finally, we’ve reached the sexual anime that eschews all attempt at plot and is just about going whoring with the boys.

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But really, Interspecies Reviewers is just about two guys going to different brothels in a fantasy world and making commentary about the working ladies/creatures. While it is a worthwhile premise for a comedy, Interspecies Reviews is definitely more ecchi than comedy.

prison school anime

Prison School

If standard ecchi, even if it is particularly graphic, just isn’t doing it for you anymore, Prison School is the sexual anime you go to in order to explore your kinks.

The series is focused around a group of teenage boys who get caught trying to creep on girls in their recently co-ed school, and get sent to the punishment room.

Their new school, it seems, has a whole lower level that is aimed at punishment and rehabilitation. As Prison School is an outrageous sexual comedy, or course its lewd.

This series is the playground for humiliation, domination, masochism, and all manner of bodily fluid kinks. It is also a fun raunchy comedy, if nothing else.

high school dxd anime

High School DXD

Like shounen anime always has the Big 3 hit series that are super popular, ecchi anime has had its own long-standing, never-changing Big 3, despite all three long being over.

The first and most well-known of the Ecchi Big 3 is High School DxD. While High School DxD is most remembered for its frequently large-chested and frequently naked array of demon women, to its credit, it actually has a fairly interesting and well thought-out action plot. That said, the plot is still very much the tale of clashing factions that is standard in shounen battle anime.

The booba is contributing to popularity, but it might not actually be carrying the show like some other sexual anime on this list.

testament of new devil sister anime

Testament of New Devil Sister

The second of the Ecchi Big 3, Testament of New Devil Sister upholds light novel traditional by being about what it says in the title. The main character gets two new stepsisters, which becomes awkward when he realizes they are demons and he used to hunt demons.

That said, Testament of New Devil Sister flawlessly combines forcing the characters to live together with the guilt-free free pass to lewdness that is making them step-siblings instead of blood relatives. While it masters old ecchi tropes, the series does feature an interesting plot. Although, this one is supported more by the booba than the plot.

demon king daimao anime

Demon King Daimao

Last of the Ecchi Big 3, Demon King Daimao has – well, about everything good that the other two had. Like High School DxD and Testament of New Devil Sister, Demon King Daimao has sexy school life, sexy demon girls, and a harem that has some sort of clothing allergy.

However, since the main character is prophecized to become a all-powerful demon king in the future, it makes sense that a lot of girls would want to get in good with him early.

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queens blade anime

Queen’s Blade

Queen’s Blade works with the old video game concept that fantasy women armor is always designed to be as sexy as it is impractical.

The plot of Queen’s Blade follows a tournament where women fight to become the next queen. As such, this series is all about interesting sword fights made even more interesting by how well-endowed the women are and how little they are wearing.

redo of healer anime

Redo of Healer

While all good sexual anime is full of degeneracy, usually they are actually pretty cheerful anime as well. No one wants to be aroused and sad, after all. Redo of Healer goes a different route by being more like angry, horny revenge fiction than the standard bout of lewd ecchi.

Redo of Healer is about a healer who was ruthlessly bullied and used up before passing away. He reverts back to just before those events started and decided to get his revenge. Unlike usual revenge anime, Redo of Healer has more sexual assault and sexual violence – a lot more. A shocking amount more.

Redo of Healer is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but you will at least know very quickly if it is or isn’t for you.

worlds end harem anime

World’s End Harem

There are a spare-few ecchi anime with the premise of men being rare in society or on a planet, but World’s End Harem is the only ecchi anime with enough balls to make the plot fully about the balls.

World’s End Harem is about a future where a diseases killed off all men except for five that were in cryosleep. When awoken, they are charged with mating with as many women as possible.

Now, of course, in order to not be what would actually be a pretty good premise for an episodic hentai, World’s End Harem often focuses on the main character trying to find his missing crush, though every other guy is doing their duty diligently.

golden boy anime

Golden Boy

Golden Boy is really the original sexual anime. It follows a college-aged young man taking odd jobs around the city. This usually leads him to his greatest weakness – beautiful women.

Golden Boy is all about the youthful horny hijinks of a healthy young man. It wedges a kink in every hole, but still manages to balance out horny with comedy and even a little plot sometimes. Unfortunately, it comes from a time where ecchi anime was a little more bashful with its sexual content, so it isn’t as graphic as the new guard. Yet, it will always be a classic.

Do you have more sexual anime that gets things going without actually turning into a full-on X-rated video? Let fans know in the comments section below.

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