Writers and Actors Criticize Microsoft’s AI Tools for Video Games
Writers and Actors Criticize Microsoft’s AI Tools for Video Games
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Writers and Actors Criticize Microsoft’s AI Tools for Video Games

Writers and Actors Criticize Microsoft’s AI Tools for Video Games

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As more tech companies focus on AI development, concerns are being raised about potential job losses and the impact on content quality by those expected to utilize such tools.

Microsoft and its M12 Ventures portfolio company, Inworld AI, have revealed their collaboration to create generative AI tools for video games. The toolkit includes an AI “design copilot” and an AI character runtime engine, aiming to assist developers in crafting narratives, quests, and other game elements.

Industry Backlash Against AI Tools for Video Games

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When The Game Awards (TGA) shared the news online, it sparked a wave of outrage from game developers, voice actors, and writers, who took to Twitter to express their dismay, particularly due to the timing following over 6,000 industry layoffs this year.

Despite Microsoft positioning the planned AI tools as an empowerment for developers, the industry’s response reflects a different sentiment, with many voicing concerns about the impact on writers and actors.

Notable figures such as Mary Kenney and Erika Ishii expressed their discontent, with Ishii calling AI “disrespectful and dangerous” to those dedicated to creating the games people love.

Voices Against AI Tools in Video Games

Various industry professionals, including voice actors and game writers, added to the chorus of discontent. Felicia Day, Shelby Young, and others highlighted their worries about the potential impact on job opportunities and newcomers trying to break into the industry.

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Insomniac Games writer Brittney Morris and Sony Santa Monica game writer Alanah Pearce also joined the discussion, unequivocally expressing their dismay regarding the ramifications of AI tools for writers and the industry at large.

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The Dilemma of AI Tools in Video Game Development

As funding in the AI sector continues to skyrocket, tech companies will need to address the concerns of passionate artists seeking to safeguard their craft. The apprehension displayed by members of the industry reflects a genuine fear about the future impact of AI tools on their livelihoods.

While the development of AI tools may present advantages, it also raises ethical and economic dilemmas, impacting the sustainable growth and equity in the industry.

Microsoft and Inworld AI’s Response

Decrypt reached out to Microsoft and Inworld AI for their response to the industry’s criticism but did not receive an immediate reply from either company.

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