Roblox is introducing Takeshi’s Castle to a whole new generation

Roblox is introducing Takeshi’s Castle to a whole new generation

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Remember Takeshi’s Castle? Well, it’s now got an official Roblox tie-in game, allowing tidal waves of blocky avatars to take on the show’s iconic obstacle courses.

Yup, the Japanese game show that became a huge cult hit in the late 80s, when funny clips of people running into things weren’t available on demand across a variety of platforms, has a fresh tie-in game. Having been recently resurrected for Amazon Prime, the show has lent its classic obstacles to Roblox, allowing the game’s boxy avatars to experience what it’s like to be human cannonball.

The game has been developed by GeekOut on behalf of Tokyo Broadcasting System, which aired the original series. According to GeekOut CEO Soichiro Tanakato, the goal of it is: “to provide players of all generations with inspiring and fun moments by bringing together good old memories and new experiences.”

Much like the hordes of competitors who’ve taken on Takeshi’s Castle in real life, the game, which arrived in Roblox at the start of September, tasks players with competing against each other to reach the end of stages littered with a bunch of hazards. From the Ryujin-Ike, also known as Stepping Stone, and Daruma-san ga koronda, also known as Now You See Me, Now You Don’t, several classic obstacles and challenges await the plucky competitors.

There’s also Beach Boys and Gals, which tests your ability to duck and dodge while riding a surfboard, so it might be worth packing your square swimwear, assuming such a thing exists.

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Those who prove themselves worthy by avoiding being knocked on their square bottoms move on to face a final boss fight, with the game’s lobby area hosting the ranking boards top players can climb by earning points.

It’s also seemingly home to some areas where you can practise your obstacle-navigating skills ahead of rushing into the ranked action, just in case you’re worried about potentially looking a bit stupid in front of your incredibly cool Roblox mates


If you’re planning to jump into Roblox and try to become the master of Takeshi’s Castle soon, it’s worth checking out our array of guides that’ll arm you with plenty of codes for everything from Anime Fighters Simulator to Blade Ball.


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