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Safety and Civility – Roblox

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Our safety & privacy systems and teams are constantly evolving and innovating to ensure everyone feels safe on Roblox, every day.

Securing Your Account
account verification instructions. A key benefit to adding a verified email address to your account is that you will get email notifications for the following events:

  • Every time there is a new login event (a login that occurs from a new device or IP address) on your account

  • Every time a trade or transaction attempt is made that requires 2-Step Verification

The notification email will contain approximated info on the event time, regional location, and device.

2-Step Verification

  • Enable the 2-Step Verification feature to improve your account security. When you log in, you’ll be asked to enter a unique code from your chosen 2-Step Verification method.

  • This helps protect your account by adding an extra layer of verification. Follow these 2-Step Verification instructions.

Manage your sessions

  • The Where you’re logged in section within your account security settings will show all logged-in sessions (along with approximate regional location, “last active” timing, and device for each session). From this view, you can choose to log out of individual sessions of your choice. Learn more about session management.

Interacting with the community

Reporting rule violations

  • We take violations of our Community Standards very seriously, and we’ve created tools to help the Roblox community report any inappropriate behavior.

  • You have the ability to report abuse from everywhere in the apps and experiences. To learn more about reporting violations to our moderation team, click here.

  • Users within experiences can also specify “Voice” or “Text” chat abuse when using our Report Abuse tool.

Discovering suitable content

Experience guidelines

Protecting your information
privacy policy to keep you informed.

Adjusting your privacy & chat settings

  • You have the ability to limit or disable who can chat with you, both in-app or in-experience, who can send you messages, and who can follow you into experiences you are in or invite you to private servers.

  • To learn how to review and edit your settings see here.

Combating fraud and scams

  • We do not tolerate fraud and scams, and have stringent rules and monitoring processes aimed at combating them. For example, we don’t allow links to third-party sites that could be used to trick users into handing over cash, items, or Robux.

Device camera privacy

Ad Safety and Privacy
Sponsored Experiences advertise experiences on Roblox. These ads appear as experience tiles in the row marked as “Sponsored” on the Home and Discover pages and in search results.

  • Sponsored Items advertise 3D user-generated content created on Roblox. These ads appear as 3D UGC item tiles in the rows marked as “Sponsored” in the Marketplace, on an item’s detail page and in search results.

    Sponsored Items row in the items detail page.

  • User Ads advertise experiences users can play, items they can purchase in the Marketplace, or groups they can join. User Ads appear as banner and skyscraper ads on the perimeter of the Roblox website.

  • Immersive Ads are engaging, native ads within Roblox experiences. We are currently testing Immersive Ads with a small set of developers that are inserting ad units into their experiences using tools from Roblox Studio. Roblox programmatically serves ad content from advertisers within these ad units. The test involves the immersive ad image format and portal format which seamlessly transports people back and forth between experiences. Publishers, which are the developers of experiences in which immersive ads appear, will receive a revenue share on the advertiser’s spend on the image impressions and portal teleports that originate in their experience.

    Immersive Ad in the image format.

  • For Sponsored Experiences, Sponsored Items and User Ads, the higher an advertiser sets their daily budget in relation to other advertiser bids, the more likely their ad will reach their audience. When a person clicks any of these ads, it opens the main page within Roblox of whatever is being advertised.

    What are Independent Ads

    Independent ads are advertising content that developers may publish on their own, separate from Roblox’s ad systems. Developers on Roblox are creative, and independent ads may take many forms. For example, instead of using immersive ads, developers may independently publish advertising content in their experiences. Independent ads are allowed on our platform as long as the implementation is compliant with our Independent Advertisement Publishing policy.

    Advertising Standards for All Ad Content on Roblox

    In addition to our Community Standards, advertising content on Roblox, whether independent ads or Roblox-served ads, must abide by our Advertising Standards.

    These standards include the practices and content categories Roblox prohibits in advertisements to keep ads on Roblox safe, transparent and respectful of user privacy. Included within these standards is that we prohibit ads from being shown to people under the age of 13, and for people 13 and older who are eligible to see ads, ads must be clearly and prominently disclosed using simple and understandable language.

    Ad privacy and your personal information

    We are committed to protecting our community’s personal information and privacy.

    For Roblox-served ads, we use a limited set of information that you provided when you signed up for a Roblox account: age, gender (optional), device type, language and country.

    • Age: Advertisers can reach people ages 13 and older by selecting an age range (13-16, 17+), or a free-form age selector.

    • Gender: Advertisers can choose the genders male, female, or any.

    • Device Type: The device types that advertisers can choose are mobile, desktop, tablet, or console.

    • Country: Your country is determined by your current IP address. Advertisers can choose to have their ads reach people in a certain country or countries.

    • Language: Your language is determined by the language you set for your account. Advertisers can choose to have their ads reach people by the language they set for their account.

    We are building our ad system with privacy at the center of all we do. That’s why the Roblox ad system contains these features and policies:

    • Roblox does not track your off-Roblox activity. The ads we serve are based on information you provide when you engage directly with Roblox. In fact, ads may not contain URLs, partial links, QR codes, or any other way to transfer people off of the Roblox platform.

    • We do not use third-party trackers such as pixels to serve ads on the Roblox platform.

    • We do not share your personal information with third-party advertisers through the Roblox ads system.

    • We do not run ads that contain personally identifiable information (PII). For example, Roblox may reject advertisements with phone numbers or faces of individuals.

    • The data we provide to our advertisers and publishers is always and only based on data related to their ad campaign and reported in aggregate. These include standard ad metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions.

    We also keep your data and personal information safe by ensuring the greater community abides by our strict privacy-related policies:

    • Roblox does not allow the use of third-party ad servers in the design of experiences, due to the risk of bypassing content moderation and exfiltrating people’s data.

    • Publishers must maintain full control of independent advertisement delivery. If a developer shows independent ads in their experience, that experience may not make programmatic calls to third-party advertising services.

    • Independent Ad publishers may only share aggregated engagement statistics with advertisers, in accordance with Roblox’s existing Terms of Use and any applicable data privacy regulations.

    • We have also made it clearer in our Advertiser and Publisher Integrity sections of our Advertising Standards all the ways to engage our community with integrity and respect.

    Ad content safety and civility

    We want advertising on Roblox to embrace our company values of safety, civility and optimism, while being useful and engaging to the people it is trying to reach.

    We have Community Standards that prohibit hate speech, dangerous acts, illegal goods, and other kinds of harmful content, and we hold advertisers to those same standards at a minimum to protect our community.

    To keep people ages 13 and older who are eligible to see ads safe, we have Prohibited Advertising Practices and Content requirements within our Advertising Standards that detail out the content, products, or services Roblox prohibits in advertisements. These categories should be considered a layer on top of our foundational Community Standards.

    To ensure ad content safety, every asset uploaded into the Roblox ad system is reviewed before it becomes available on our platform for people to see.

    We also encourage our people to report ad content they feel uncomfortable or concerned about. Our safety team investigates reports and takes appropriate action as quickly as possible. Moderation actions can include a warning, temporary suspension, account deletion, content removal. We also reserve the right to make reports to authorities.

    To learn more about reporting violations to our moderation team, check out How to Report Rule Violations.

    Transparency and disclosures

    We want our community to understand the context of the content they are seeing. All ads on Roblox must clearly and prominently be disclosed to people ages 13 and older using simple and understandable language.

    All Roblox-served ads that Roblox is paid to place are clearly marked, either in the “Sponsored” section of the Home, Discover, or Marketplace pages, or with an “Ad” label.

    We are dedicated to learning and evolving

    We’re always making improvements and investing in what works for our community. We’ll continue listening to feedback to improve the ads ecosystem on Roblox and making sure everyone feels safe on Roblox, every day.


    On Roblox, we are committed to providing a civil and respectful environment where people feel confident and safe to express themselves in ways that are productive, meaningful, and consistent with their human rights.

    Rules for the Community
    Community Standards set clear expectations for how to behave on Roblox. They require that everyone treat each other with civility and respect and help keep everyone safe by prohibiting content and behavior that may be inappropriate or harmful. We update these as the needs of our community and the product evolve.

  • We take our commitment to civility very seriously. If any users are found to be violating our Community Standards, they may be suspended or removed from the platform. In certain cases, Roblox also works proactively with authorities to report cases of illicit activities, violent threats, and other real-life harms.

  • Enforcing the rules
    How to Report Rule Violations.

    Supporting digital well-being
    “Into the Digital Future”, jointly created with Sesame Workshop, hosted by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center. The podcast featured academics, and experts in child development, tech and parenting.

    Case Studies

    We are proud to share some examples of how Roblox has had a positive impact on our community. Take a moment to watch these short films featuring two of our developers, Zoe Basil and CJ Oyer. See the Roblox stories videos here.


    Roblox is committed to securing the best interests of children in our approach to how we provide our products and services.

    Customizable Parental Controls
    National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE).

    Third party guides

    Read more about ConnectSafely Parents Guide to Cyberbullying or download the Quick Guide to Cyberbullying.

    Resources for Parents from the Digital Wellness Lab (Boston Children’s Hospital) – Digital wellness is best achieved by taking a balanced — not an all or nothing — approach. Raising digitally well children requires that we constantly guide our kids, from birth through young adulthood, through intentional engagement and ongoing learning, both online and in the natural world.

    Good Digital Parenting from the Family Online Safety Institute – The Family Online Safety Institute’s Good Digital Parenting resources provide parents and caregivers with the tools they need to confidently navigate the online world with their families.

    Internet Matters resource center – Featuring guides and articles for parents and teachers.

    UK Safer Internet Centre – You don’t need to be an expert on the internet to help keep your child stay safe online. Advice and resources are here to support you as you support your child to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively.

    Key Safety Partnerships
    Family Online Safety Institute, ConnectSafely, the UK Safer Internet Centre, kidSafe, Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle (USK), The EU Better Internet for Kids (Insafe), and the Digital Wellness Lab.

    approved guidelines.

    In addition to providing an audit and a safe harbor for COPPA, kidSAFE serves as an ombudsman where parents and others may file complaints about their experiences with Roblox. These complaints are shared with us and require in some cases immediate action.

    USK for German Regulatory Compliance (Video Games)

    In Germany, content providers must comply with the obligations of the Youth Media Protection State Agreement (JMStV). This includes providers and developers of games, videos, vendors of online or retail media or operators of news portals for potentially harmful media contents (for example game trailers or movies).

    For that reason, we partnered with USK (Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body) to comply with German youth protection regulations. Additionally the USK functions as a liaison between the company and the German supervising bodies for its members.

    As a member of the USK, Roblox was required to undergo an audit of its platform to receive the USK quality seal, which shows the compliance of legal regulations and a high youth protection standard of our offering.


    Safety Comes First on Roblox

    the fastest growing age group on Roblox is 17-to-24-year-olds.

    As we grow, our safety foundations are more critical than ever

    Our unwavering commitment to safety begins with our Community Standards. They outline a vision for making Roblox welcoming for all ages and set a high bar for what content and behaviors are allowed on our platform. Our Standards are a living document that we continue to evolve with guidance from our Safety Advisory Board of renowned digital safety experts from around the world, including ConnectSafely, Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), and Better Internet for Kids.

    Every Roblox journey starts with account creation, and we invest heavily in account security. In addition to being the way people log in, accounts contain avatars, virtual inventory, friends, and links to real identities. Our accounts are designed to work for everyone – from someone creating their first online account to the owner of a large content production studio. Those studio owners use their Roblox accounts to manage their business, from administering their creations to distributing the Robux they’ve earned. Our goal is to ensure that all accounts are both convenient to use and resilient to compromise, no matter where they are in their Roblox journey. Recently, we launched Session Management and Security Email Notifications to increase transparency and help people on Roblox manage their accounts proactively.

    Age-appropriate safety is top-of-mind as our content and experiences diversify

    Parents can use our parental controls to tune their children’s experience on Roblox. This includes limiting who their children interact with and what content they can access on the platform. Our Experience Guidelines help parents choose what types of Roblox experiences their children are able to enter. Our Experience Guidelines’ age recommendations are grounded in child development research and informed by industry standards. These guidelines help people and parents make informed decisions about the content they interact with on Roblox.

    Our approach to safety is unique given our breadth of dynamic experiences

    The volume and breadth of experiences on Roblox is growing faster than ever. In the first quarter of 2023, there were 3.2 million active creators who contributed over 6.4 million active experiences, so there’s something for everyone on the platform.

    Along with this scale and dynamism of our platform comes a unique set of challenges. Each experience consists of thousands of 3D meshes, textures, audio samples, images, and the code that brings them to life. Moderating this wide array of content that can be combined in nearly limitless combinations requires advanced machine learning and 24/7 moderation teams – two areas where Roblox has invested and continues to innovate.

    Additionally, communication is an essential part of almost every experience on Roblox, and our vision for immersive communication will bring more dynamic, nuanced interactivity to the platform. Allowing everyone to express themselves in a safe way is central to our mission, and we employ comprehensive text filters that block the sharing of inappropriate words, phrases, and personally identifiable information in accordance with our Community Standards. We’ll cover our communication safety measures in more depth in a later post; in the meantime, you can learn more here.

    Input from our growing community is essential to a safe platform

    As our audiences and experiences grow in volume and sophistication, we encourage people on Roblox to keep their experiences safe by reporting any activity or content that causes concern. Anyone on Roblox can block people acting in unsafe ways and report inappropriate content/behavior using our Report Abuse system. We take abuse reports seriously, and we maintain close and transparent working relationships with law enforcement and global safety partners. Our safety team works across 11 languages, examining reports and intervening when necessary.

    We will continue advancing our vision for safe co-experiences

    As we look towards a future of dynamic, immersive experiences that push the boundaries of human imagination, we remain committed to providing a safe platform for people of all ages. We always approach innovation and creativity from our founding principle of safety and look forward to sharing more regular updates, so stay tuned.

    Updates: Community and Advertising Standards
    Community Standards and introducing our new Advertising Standards. We’re always learning; As our community evolves and our platform grows, we will update these standards accordingly.

    Simplifying our Community Standards

    We want to make it easy for our community to understand our Community Standards, so that we all can keep Roblox a safe and civil place where users feel secure and act with integrity.

    To make our standards easier to understand, we have restructured and consolidated categories and used more descriptive language as appropriate. You can take a closer look at the changes we’ve made in the change log, which is published at the end of our Community Standards.

    To help you stay informed about updates to our Community Standards, we will share updates here so check back regularly.

    Making key updates to advertising on Roblox

    We are rolling out standards for ads on Roblox that are aimed at providing a transparent experience for our community, advertisers, and publishers – built upon our foundation of safety and civility. Our standards are informed by our community needs and our company values.

    Addition of the Independent Advertisement Publishing Policy

    Independent ads—advertising content that developers may publish on their own, separate from Roblox’s ad systems—must also comply with our policy. Developers of these experiences, also referred to as the ad publisher, are prohibited from showing advertising content to people under the age of 13. Publishers still must clearly and prominently disclose to people ages 13 and older when content is an advertisement using simple and understandable language.

    Introducing our Advertising Standards

    Our Advertising Standards will apply to all ads appearing on Roblox whether they are independent ads or Roblox-served ads. Within these standards, we have updated the list of prohibited categories of content, products, or services as one of the ways we are creating a safe and civil environment for our age 13+ community who are eligible to see ads. These categories should be considered a layer on top of our foundational Community Standards.

    You can find more information about these changes and helpful resources below:

    Tools and Resources

    Rules and Policies
    Roblox Terms of Use. Our Terms of Use explain the rules and guidelines that apply when you use Roblox. These Terms are a legal agreement, so it’s important to make sure you read and understand them.

  • Roblox Privacy and Cookie Policy. Trust and transparency are key principles at Roblox, so we want you to know what information we collect from you, how we use it, and how we share it.

  • Roblox Community Standards. At Roblox, we’re building the metaverse: a space for people to adventure, experience, and explore. We’re a global community on this journey together, and we want to ensure everyone feels welcome and safe and is treated with kindness and respect. That’s why we’ve created these Community Standards: to outline how we expect our users to behave, and to be clear up front about what is and isn’t allowed on Roblox.

  • Other Important Documents

    • Roblox Dictionary. A glossary of key definitions used throughout the Roblox Terms.

    • Developer Exchange Terms of Use. These Terms apply when you participate in the Roblox Developer Exchange Program-also known as “DevEx”–which allows certain Roblox developers to exchange their Earned Robux for real money.

    • Roblox Name and Logo – Community Usage Guidelines. Guidelines that explain when and how we permit use of the Roblox name, logo, and Official Badge.

    • Roblox Biometric Privacy Notice. Certain Roblox features may involve processing of your biometric data (for example, uploading your photo to verify your age on the platform). This notice explains how we collect and treat that information.

    • General Health Notice. Important information about taking proper health precautions while using Roblox.

    • Roblox Accessibility Statement. Roblox is committed to making our services accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. Our accessibility statement sets forth this commitment and our ongoing efforts to ensure Roblox remains equitable for everyone.

    • Roblox Facial Animation Privacy Notice. Certain Roblox services allow you to translate video of your facial movements into animations of the facial features of your Roblox avatar. This notice explains how Roblox treats information regarding the movements of your facial features when you use these services.

    • Using Licensed Music in Videos. Information about how you can use certain licensed music in your experiences on Roblox.

    • California Consumer Privacy Act. Metrics detailing consumer privacy requests made under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018.

    TCO Annual Report
    Terrorist Content Online Regulation (“TCOR”) is an EU regulation that lays down certain rules to address the misuse of hosting services for the dissemination of terrorist content online. It requires companies offering hosting services (“hosting service providers”) in the EU to remove terrorist content within one hour after receiving an official removal order from competent authorities and to prevent any re-upload. To qualify for a removal under the TCOR, content needs to fall under the types of material defined as “terrorist content” under Article 2(7) TCOR. Additionally, TCOR requires hosting service providers to create and publish an annual report about actions taken to address the dissemination of terrorist content online according to Article 7(2) TCOR before March 1. We will update this page before March 1 of each year.

    In accordance with Article 7(2) and 7(3) TCOR, we are publishing the following applicable information: 1) information about Roblox’s measures in relation to the identification and removal of or disabling access to terrorist content and 2) information about Roblox’s measures to address the reappearance online of material that has been previously removed or disabled.

    Please note that we’ve provided information under the relevant categories listed in Article 7(3) TCOR as applicable; omitted categories mean that those cases are not applicable or have not occurred in the previous reporting period. During this reporting period (June 7, 2022 – February 2023), Roblox has not received a TCOR removal order from any competent authorities.

    At Roblox, we view transparency as an important part of building a safe and civil platform. Our inaugural TCOR Annual Report reflects our deep commitment towards keeping all Roblox users safe and focuses on our efforts to keep Roblox free from terrorist content as defined by the TCOR.

    Policies & Standards

    Safety on Roblox is at the core of everything we do. We maintain many systems to keep our users safe and secure; we work tirelessly to maintain a safe, civil, and welcoming environment for all. That includes a robust set of Community Standards to outline how we expect our users to behave and to be clear up front about what is and isn’t allowed on Roblox.

    Terrorism and Violent Extremism (TVE) is a unique category and requires a specific enforcement approach. As outlined in our Community Standards, Roblox prohibits content or behavior that supports, glorifies, or promotes any terrorist or extremist organization and their actions. Roblox actively collaborates with global expert organizations like Tech Against Terrorism, and researchers dedicated to these issues, to inform our policies and monitoring practices. In addition to our blanket prohibition on TVE content and behavior, Roblox also has Community Standards that prohibit threats of violence, certain illegal and/or regulated behavior, and actions related to specific harmful behavior off Roblox. This combination of our Community Standards encompasses “terrorist content” as defined by Article 2(7) of the TCOR. The potential consequences of breaching these policies include warnings, removing content, losing one’s Roblox account, and, in circumstances that present an imminent risk of harm, being reported to the relevant authorities.

    1. Information about Roblox’s measures in relation to the identification and removal of or disabling of access to terrorist content.

    General Processes & Systems

    Roblox takes pride in the processes and systems that it runs to prevent or quickly remove objectionable content and behavior. We have a stringent safety and monitoring system that is continuously active and that we rigorously enforce. Using a combination of 1) monitoring; 2) user reporting; and 3) trusted flaggers, we review the content uploaded to Roblox, and act swiftly to block inappropriate content or behavior. Additionally, per TCOR, Roblox has created a direct channel for competent authorities to submit TCOR removal orders through [email protected]. If Roblox becomes aware of exigent situations that may present an imminent threat or terroristic offense, we take steps to promptly inform relevant authorities.

    Once terrorist content is identified, Roblox takes additional steps to remove or disable access to the content. Roblox cooperates with law enforcement and will expedite cases where there may be imminent risk of harm.


    Roblox employs a combination of human review and technology review to monitor for terrorist content 24/7. We first review content against industry databases of already-known illegal content (such as terrorist content and child sexual abuse material). In addition to these industry databases of known violative content, we review content against our own previously-removed content. In both instances, we use techniques, including hashes – unique digital signatures of images or videos – to identify when items are exact replicas of or similar to previously-identified violative content.

    We also have a team of thousands of trained professionals that review content against our Community Standards. In particular, we have staff that solely focuses on TVE content and behavior, and we hire people with deep expertise in this space who have come from recognized agencies and organizations such as the FBI, Army Intel, and so on. This team leads the enforcement of TVE-specific policies for our Community Standards and is an in-house expert resource on TVE topics, names, memes, iconography, and more. Our partner organizations help us by providing resources, training, and reporting to us. This expert team has also developed fundamental TVE training for every moderation agent on staff. Agents are trained and tested on how to appropriately recognize and handle TVE content and behavior.

    User Reporting

    We also actively encourage our users to report any activity they feel concerned about directly to Roblox. They can easily mute or block other community members that they come across and report inappropriate content/behavior using our Report Abuse system located prominently throughout the site and within experiences. See here for more on our user report functionalities.

    Trusted Flagger Program

    Roblox has a trusted flagger program, where close and trusted partners can report terrorist content to us. We’ve made a commitment to them that their reported content will be reviewed and, if necessary, actioned within a short timeframe.

    Removing or Disabling Access to Terrorist Content

    Once terrorist content is detected on Roblox, we have a specialized team dedicated to handling it. If terrorist content is detected through our content review, it does not appear on Roblox. When we verify that a user report, trusted flagger notice, or government request concerns terrorist content, we will remove that content from our systems and take steps to prevent it from being uploaded again in the future.

    2. Information about Roblox’s measures to address the reappearance online of material which has previously been removed, or to which access has been disabled because it was considered to be terrorist content, in particular where automated tools have been used.

    Roblox has systems in place to prevent the re-upload of content we previously removed. This includes technology that reviews for content that is the same or similar to what we’ve already taken down.

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