How to beat Raene Wolfrunner in Warcraft Rumble
How to beat Raene Wolfrunner in Warcraft Rumble

How to beat Raene Wolfrunner in Warcraft Rumble

How to beat Raene Wolfrunner in Warcraft Rumble

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Raene Wolfrunner is the first major hurdle in Warcraft Rumble, and — depending on the army you’re running — might require some major adjustments to defeat.

You’ll come across Raene Wolfrunner in the Ashenvale zone, and she serves as its final boss. She has a recommended level of 7. Defeating her will net you your 30th Sigil, which will unlock the weekly dungeon system.

In this Warcraft Rumble guide, I’m going to show you the exact strategy I used to take down Raene Wolfrunner and then offer some suggestions for alternative units.

[Note: As of Nov. 7, Raene Wolfrunner’s Huntress units aren’t spawning quite as aggressively as before. It’s unclear if this is a bug or if Blizzard changed the fight due to its difficulty. Either way, our strategies below will help you take her out.]

Best build to beat Raene Wolfrunner

A army consisting of Sylvanus Windrunner and several undead units in Warcraft Rumble

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Before I show you my army, I recommend most if not all of your units be level 7 before taking on Raene. Stats make a huge difference in Rumble, and lower leveled units will get obliterated by the boss’ Huntress units.

I used a predominantly Undead army to take down Raene Wolfrunner:

Leader: Sylvanus Windrunner (6 Gold)


  • Abomination (6 Gold)
  • Ghoul (2 Gold)
  • Chain Lightning (2 Gold)
  • Plague Farmer (2 Gold)
  • S.A.F.E. Pilot (3 Gold)
  • Gryphon Rider (2 Gold)

How to beat Raene Wolfrunner

The map for the battle against Raene Wolfrunner in Warcraft Rumble

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The biggest problem with Raene Wolfrunner is her opening, where she spawns multiple Huntresses from the north and Alliance Footmen from the west. This can result in a huge pinch right out of the gate, where your turret is too busy dealing with one threat to handle the other.

In our experience, a single Abomination can handle all of the Huntresses — at least temporarily. If you can add in a Plague Farmer, you should be able to take them all out before the Abomination dies. However, make sure you put your Plague Farmer far away from your Abomination, as the Huntress’ glaive attack won’t be able to bounce from your beefy tank to your squishy damage unit that way.

With the Huntress units busy, it’s time to focus on the Footmen and the Gryphon Rider coming from the other side. The best thing you can do here is to drop a Ghoul as early as possible. This will slow the enemy troops down long enough for you to gain some Gold. Once they’re focused on a tankier unit, drop some Chain Lightning or a S.A.F.E. Pilot on them all for extra damage. If you’re able to throw another Plague Farmer out, it’ll decimate the ground troops very quickly.

Unless your units are very high level, your turret is going to take damage in this opening section — it’s just too much for your units to handle at once. But once you’ve survived the first onslaught, the rest of the mission is relatively smooth sailing. However, if you don’t manage to damage Raene more than she’s already damaged you, you’ll lose in overtime, so you have to play aggressively.

Focus the vast majority of your troops on the turret to the left and try to break it down as quickly as you can. This will allow you to spawn units closer to Raene and deal even more damage. While you’re doing this, however, you have to keep an eye on the right side of the map, as Raene will continue to spawn Huntress units and send them after you. Send your Abomination to deal with them and slow them down.

As long as you focus on controlling the Huntresses and pushing your units through the channel on the left, you’ll be able to take Raene down in the time allotted.

What other units are good against Raene Wolfrunner?

A unit image showing a Stonehoof Tauren in Warcraft Rumble

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

The problem with Raene, as we mentioned before, is the opening onslaught, and not every army composition can survive it. If you haven’t unlocked some of the units I have in my army, or you just don’t like them very much, you’re going to need some replacements. Below, I’ve listed out several suitable replacements for the Abomination, Plague Farmer, and more.

You’re going to want a really strong tank to replace the Abomination I used in my army, like a Grommash Hellscream or even a Stonehoof Tauren. You can also use some tanks with gimmicks, like the Gnoll Brute for area damage or the Earth Elemental since it’s Unbound (meaning you can drop it outside your turret area, buying yourself more time).

Rather than my Plague Farmer, you may want a different unit who can dish out area damage for the squad of Alliance Footman that come from the other side. A Huntress of your own can do wonders against them, as can a Bat Rider. Just be careful, as the Gryphon Rider can snipe some weaker enemies relatively quickly. Spells like Holy Nova and Execute are also good against the western group if you don’t want to use Chain Lightning or the S.A.F.E. Pilot.

The one thing you really want to avoid in this fight are weak swarms of enemies. Because the Huntress glaive bounces (and Raene is essentially just a big Huntress herself), your backline is going to run into trouble if they aren’t strong enough. Avoid the Necromancer, Raptors, and other swarming units for this one — you’re just going to end up wasting your Gold if you drop them.

As always with Warcraft Rumble, there are a lot of different options for you to consider when diving into a fight. And if you’re still struggling after trying a ton of different units, consider grinding out some XP and coming back later.


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