Official Trailer for ‘Bye Bye Barry’ Sports Doc About a Running Back

Official Trailer for ‘Bye Bye Barry’ Sports Doc About a Running Back

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Official Trailer for ‘Bye Bye Barry’ Sports Doc About a Running Back

by Alex Billington
November 3, 2023
Source: YouTube

Bye Bye Barry Doc Trailer

“This guy did something special every single Sunday.” NFL Films + Prime Video have revealed the main official trailer for the sports documentary Bye Bye Barry, arriving for streaming later in November. Not just another sports doc, this is a story about the mystery of one of the greatest athletes in American football history. When NFL superstar Barry Sanders vanished at the height of his career, he left the NFL world in shock. He was in his prime, chasing the all-time rushing record, when he boarded a flight to England and never stepped foot on the field again. 24 years later Barry retraces his steps through the streets of London to finally confront the mystery. “We’ve all watched his highlights and wished he had played longer in the NFL, and wondered why he really retired so abruptly. We are thrilled to look back at his extraordinary career and get to better understand one of the biggest icons of the sport,” states Prime Video. While this still one big NFL promotion, it does look like a fascinating “let’s reveal the truth” story about a football legend. He put out an autobiography in 2003 titled “Barry Sanders: Now You See Him“, if you want to read more right now.

Here’s the official trailer (+ poster) for Prime Video’s doc Bye Bye Barry, direct from YouTube:

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Bye Bye Barry Doc Poster

NFL Films’ Bye Bye Barry is the long-awaited, feature-length documentary film that reveals, in intimate detail, the unprecedented journey of Detroit Lions running back, Barry Sanders. One of the giants of American Football, Sanders displayed a style and flair that has never been replicated. But at the peak of his game, Sanders did the unthinkable. At age 31, he walked away from the game, never to return. Now 24 years after his decision to retire from the NFL, Bye Bye Barry tackles one of the greatest “mysteries” in sports history: Why did he retire when he did? Bye Bye Barry is directed by Paul Monusky (producer of Unicorn Town, NFL 100 Greatest), Micaela Powers (producer of 3 Games to Glory VI, Terry Bradshaw: Going Deep), and Angela Torma, all three are NFL producers now making their feature directorial debut. Executive produced by Patrick Kelleher, Ross Ketover, Ken Rodgers, and Brian Rolapp. Amazon will debut Bye Bye Barry streaming on Prime Video starting on November 21st, 2023 this fall. Anyone interested?


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