‘ Price, Buy/Play Nintendo Switch Game Online
‘ Price, Buy/Play Nintendo Switch Game Online

‘ Price, Buy/Play Nintendo Switch Game Online

‘ Price, Buy/Play Nintendo Switch Game Online

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Why should Mario have all of the fun? After Nintendo released “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” a few weeks ago, the gaming company drop a new entry in the “WarioWare” franchise with “WarioWare: Move It!“

Released Nov. 3 and available for $49.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and Target, “WarioWare: Move It!” for Nintendo Switch finds Wario in the middle of a new party game with more than 200 motion-controlled microgames. There are a number of gameplay settings for up to four players and even single-player options.


The game — which is the first installment in the game series since “WarioWare: Get It Together!” released back in 2021 — features a Story Mode, which involves Wario taking a vacation on a tropical island, before he discovers evil spirits. Wario must “strike a pose” during a random assortment of microgames thrown at you to run away and escape. The more microgames you complete, the faster Wario runs away from the evil spirits.

With local multi-player, a group of up to four friends can play in Party Mode, which is a board game-style head-to-head match up. And in a true “WarioWare” fashion, just because you win, it doesn’t mean you get to advance your pieces on the game board.

Finally, there’s The Museum, which is a large collection of quick challenges that you can pick and choose to play — including games like, “Cowboy Up,” “Buttograph,” “Super Mario Bros. 3’s Raccoon Tail Shake,” “Feeling Peckish,” and much more. The more you play, the more new microgames are unlocked.

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As far as gameplay goes, the microgames range from short “Switch Sports”-like games and brief “follow-the-leader” challenges, while there are a few throwbacks to early Nintendo titles. Additionally, you’ll have to “strike a pose” and put your body into awkward, yet very funny, positions, but it’s all in the spirit of “WarioWare.”

“WarioWare: Move It!” for Nintendo Switch is available to buy online now for $49.99.

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