Is Harry Jowsey Gay? The Rumors, Explained
Is Harry Jowsey Gay? The Rumors, Explained

Is Harry Jowsey Gay? The Rumors, Explained

Is Harry Jowsey Gay? The Rumors, Explained

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One of the breakout stars, though perhaps not the best dancer, in season 32 of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) is Harry Jowsey. Jowsey and his dancing partner Rylee Arnold controversially escaped elimination in last night’s week 7 episode, surviving to dance another day while Lele Pons and Brandon Armstrong were sent packing. With even more spotlight on the social media star, a lot of people are curious about his relationship status. Is he straight? Gay? Both?

Jowsey, 26, put on some interesting makeup and a curly wig to impersonate Justin Timberlake and perform a rendition of “It’s gonna be me” by pop group N*Sync. He is not a good dancer, but that’s beside the point. He loved to see another dance and now people want to know more about him. Let’s dig in.

Who is Harry Jowsey on ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

We know opinions are subjective, but if you watch the above video and somehow think he’s good at dancing then we don’t know what to tell. Maybe get your eyes checked? Regardless, Jowsey didn’t just appear out of the ether.

Jowsey is originally from a rural part of Australia where his parents owned a farm. He lives in Los Angeles and has been having a pretty good run on reality shows like New Zealand’s Heartbreak Island and the Netflix hit Too Hot To Handle (THTH).

The latter really upped his fame quotient with that audience and everyone was in love with his abs and his relationship with Francesca Fargo. While the two lasted past the end of the show, they broke up a little more than half a year later.

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Then, they got back together and he proposed in the reunion show, but they split again soon after for good. Since then, he’s been linked up with fellow THTH star Madison Wyborny and then Georgia Hassarati, who he accused of cheating.

On the Sofia with an F podcast, Hassarati revealed that she never cheated and that he was lying when he said they slept together on the first day. Everything he said about their relationship, she said, was used to get more social media clout.

She also claimed he was jealous and made her send pictures of herself at Coachella to prove she wasn’t cheating on him.

Other celebs he’s been linked to are Larsa Pippen, Stassie Karanikolaou and Tana Mongeau. He’s been navigating the question of whether he’s dating his DWTS carefully, not giving an answer one way or the other. However, he admits that’s “a little bit unfair on Rylee.”

“She’s so green to this whole world and everyone having an opinion, and stuff like that.”

Is Harry Jowsey gay?

The rumors that Jowsey is gay come from an appearance on the Zach Sang show. He was asked if he’s ever had “a queer experience” he replies that he has indeed. “It happens,” he said. “It was fun.”

He also shared that he’s had a few gay experiences but he was always scared to explore that side of himself due to his conservative parents. He said he dated women because that’s what he’s expected to do, but he never really felt “happy” in those situations.

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The above referenced TikTok does not show the whole interview, although there is a second part where he goes into the subject a little more. Some sites say this means he officially came out, but we haven’t found any concrete evidence of that.

There’s also the TikToks he makes with his “best friend” Carter Gregory, which are always kind of cuddly and cozy. Like this one:

When asked about it, he said that one time he was really f-ed up and slept in the same bed, and he tried to “cuddle” with Carter but Carter wasn’t having any of it. He said Carter hates sleeping in bed with another person and didn’t want to cuddle at all. Regardless, they seem to be enjoying all the attention.

Another thing that comes up in the interview is the definition of being a “power bottom,” which, well, you can look that one up for yourself.

Is he gay? He’s at the very least bi-curious, and we know he’s acted on those feelings. Labels are dumb anyway.


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