How To Watch The Creator At Home

How To Watch The Creator At Home

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Are you ready to meet your maker? “The Creator” will likely scratch that existentialist itch of many a sci-fi fan, telling the story of a futuristic war waged between humanity and an oppressed “species” of robots and synthetic beings. Caught in the middle are ex-military man Joshua (John David Washington) and an AI child known as Alphie (Madeleine Yuna Voyles), who may hold the key to winning the entire conflict. For those who missed the film in theaters the first time around or simply want to relive the experience all over again, you’ll get the chance to do just that right in time for the upcoming holiday season.

In addition to the digital release, “The Creator” will be made available to purchase on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on December 12, 2023. The Blu-ray will include a special, 55-minute bonus feature titled “True Love: Making The Creator,” described as: “Join director Gareth Edwards and crew for nearly an hour look behind the scenes. Hear from actors about the filming experience, and learn about the production’s documentary-style approach, the innovative camera and lighting work, and much more.”

Between the ensemble cast led by Washington and Voyles and including Gemma Chan, Ken Watanabe, Sturgill Simpson, Madeleine Yuna Voyles, and Allison Janney, along with the booming score by famed composer Hans Zimmer, fans won’t want to miss out on injecting “The Creator” into their eyeballs however they can.


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