Selling Sunset: Bre Tiesi Gets So Triggered Over Nick Cannon Shade (She Hides Her Past Too)

Selling Sunset: Bre Tiesi Gets So Triggered Over Nick Cannon Shade (She Hides Her Past Too)

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  • Bre Tiesi is a powerful asset to The Oppenheim Group on Selling Sunset, but her sensitivity and defensiveness about her past and relationship with Nick Cannon can be perceived as a weakness.
  • The agents at The Oppenheim Group face challenges in selling luxury homes amid rising interest rates and a new 4% mansion tax, requiring them to be persuasive and hardworking, qualities that Bre possesses.
  • Bre’s strong exterior and triggers may stem from protecting herself and her family, and she may use her tough persona to deflect from her sensitivity about her relationships and past.



Selling Sunset star Bre Tiesi has proven to be a powerhouse on the show, but she gets easily triggered about baby daddy Nick Cannon and her past, which may mean she’s too sensitive. Bre joined The Oppenheim Group during season 6 of Selling Sunset and was an immediate asset to the team. Outside of business, Bre’s strong personality has landed her in some of The O Group’s friend groups but has her at odds with certain cast members, namely Chelsea Lazkani. The two women did attempt to make up in Mexico, but it seemed only to be fueled by tequila.

The agents at Selling Sunset‘s Oppenheim Group have been trying to sell luxury, multi-million dollar homes in a market where inflation is on the rise. Not only do the agents have to convince clients that it is worth it to them to buy in a market with rising interest rates, but they also have a new LA-imposed mansion tax that adds 4% to the selling price. Having a good Rolodex of clients, being persuasive, and being a hard worker are must-have qualities of agents in The O Group, and 32-year-old Bre is an agent who possesses those.

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Bre And Nick’s Relationship ExplainedBre from Selling Sunset and Nick Cannon

Before Bre became pregnant with Nick Cannon’s baby, she was married to former controversial football quarterback Johnny Manziel. The pair were married from March 2018 to November 2021. Bre and Nick announced their pregnancy in 2022, making their son Legendary Love Cannon Nick’s eighth child. Nick has gone on to have four more children since then. Bre has always praised Nick’s skills as a dad and says they make great co-parents and quieted any dissent otherwise.

Bre has said she doesn’t rely on Nick for anything, which is good because now that Nick has ten+ children, he is no longer required to pay child support. During Selling Sunset season 7, Bre mentioned that she was not seeing anyone and was happy in her relationship with Nick. However, she said Nick might be mad if she were to date other people. Moreover, Bre does not have relationships with any of Nick’s baby mamas and was blindsided by his pregnancy with LaNisha Cole. Bre presents a happy front in her relationship with Nick on her Instagram, but it might be for show.

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Bre Gets Defensive About Her PastSelling Sunset Bre Tiesi looking mean in beige suit

Bre has shown herself to be ultra-sensitive regarding her situation with Nick. She tries not to let other people get a word in about her relationship if it’s going to be negative and has proven it’s a quick way to get on her bad side. It seems like Bre doesn’t want to be judged for her circumstances and arrangement with Nick despite putting herself in a messy situation. Bre is quick to harbor resentment towards anyone questioning her. Bre adamantly recites that her son is taken care of and it’s no one’s business what happens between her and Nick.

Bre has also barely talked about her past before Nick. What is known on the show is that she used to be a bottle service girl in Las Vegas, but she seems defensive about her path until now. When the cast was in Cabo for their work trip, a new cast member, Cassandra Dawn, approached Bre at a broker’s open because she claimed to know Bre from the past. Bre did not acknowledge even having a past where she knew Cassandra, which may mean there is a history there Bre doesn’t want shared.

Bre Has A Hard Exterior For a ReasonBre Tiesi from Selling Sunset

Bre presents a hard exterior because she may be trying to protect herself. With all the messiness involved with Nick and his life choices, there is drama attached to her connection to him inherently. Bre comes off as someone you don’t want to challenge, but that might just be because she is too sensitive to let a narrative she doesn’t like be portrayed. She is also protective of her family, and since she’s in the spotlight, she has to have a hard exterior in order to defend it. Bre could also be trying to be a tough person to deflect the fact that she is actually sensitive about her relationships and past.

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Bre Gets Triggered EasilySelling Sunset's Bre Tiesi and Chelsea Lazkani looking surprised

Bre’s personality has come off as harsh, and it’s become apparent that she’s easily triggered and doesn’t forgive easily either. Anything negative relating to her family triggers Bre, and she is quick to throw shade. Bre’s range of critical facial expressions is a clear sign when she’s triggered, and Selling Sunset viewers have seen those looks a lot when it comes to Chelsea. Chelsea said she didn’t understand Bre and Nick’s relationship and had a problem with it from a moral standpoint. Chelsea’s feelings caused Bre to become resentful and unforgiving toward Chelsea, who has since backtracked her statements.

Bre Was Mean To Cassandra Who Knew Her From The Past

Cassandra Repstad selling sunset

Another time Bre displayed how easily triggered she gets was when Cassandra entered the picture. It is evident that the two knew each other based on their greeting, but Bre minimized the extent of their history and doubled down by calling out Cassandra for being desperate to talk to her in the past. Bre turned into a mean girl and tried to paint Cassandra as being creepy and her presence now being unnecessary. It’s possible Cassandra overstepped towards Bre in the past, but it’s also possible that Bre doesn’t want Cassandra building an alliance and coming into The O Group for personal reasons.

Bre’s strange dynamic with Nick Cannon and her eagerness not to be judged by it means that Bre is sensitive about her portrayal. She seems to want to keep the past in the past and focus on only allowing positivity around her. Given Bre’s popularity both in the news and on the show, Selling Sunset fans can plan on seeing more of her in seasons to come. Despite her triggers, sensitivities, and hiding of her past, Bre is entertaining to watch on the show for her business savvy and ability to sell houses while navigating the complex social situation at The O Group.

Selling Sunset season 7 is available to stream on Netflix.

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