‘IF’ Trailer — Ryan Reynolds’ Imaginary Friend Comes to Life

‘IF’ Trailer — Ryan Reynolds’ Imaginary Friend Comes to Life

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The Big Picture

  • Ryan Reynolds stars in the new fantasy film
    , directed by John Krasinski, alongside an impressive ensemble cast.
  • IF
    tells the story of a young girl with the ability to see imaginary friends left behind by their human companions.
  • The film explores the concept of imaginary friends as time capsules of hopes, dreams, and ambitions from childhood.

Ryan Reynolds is having a busy old Super Bowl Sunday. While his wife, Blake Lively, is busy keeping Taylor Swift company at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Reynolds has now appeared in two trailers that debuted during the biggest day on the sporting calendar. Not content with Deadpool & Wolverine, the world’s cheekiest Canadian is also starring in the new fantasy film, IF, directed by John Krasinski, and the movie looks as charming and heartwarming as it does hilarious.

IF focuses on a young girl with the unique ability to see not only her own imaginary friends but also those of others, particularly the ones left behind by their human companions. These forgotten imaginary beings, once vital to the lives of many children, find themselves lonely and at risk of being forsaken indefinitely. In their desperation, they ally themselves with the girl, seeing her as their last chance to be recalled and cherished again before it’s too late.

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Krasinski takes on multiple roles for IF, not only directing and writing but also producing alongside Reynolds through Maximum Effort, in addition to sharing the screen with him. They are accompanied by an impressive ensemble including Fiona Shaw, Louis Gossett Jr., Alan Kim, and Bobby Moynihan. The film will also introduce the young Cailey Fleming to a much grander audience.The voice cast boasts a range of stars such as Emily Blunt, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Matt Damon, Maya Rudolph, Vince Vaughn, Sam Rockwell, Sebastian Maniscalco, Christopher Meloni, Awkwafina, Jon Stewart, Richard Jenkins, and Krasinski’s former The Office co-star, Steve Carell, marking a notable reunion for the two actors after several years apart.

Why Is John Krasinski So Excited to Make ‘If’?

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan, looking serious, in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan
Image via Prime Video

Krasinski spoke to Collider last year about the movie, explaining it’s a film he wanted to make for his children. Having made two horror-inflected films in the form of A Quiet Place and its sequel, it was time for a family friendly flick. He also praised his stars, Reynolds and Fleming, as he disclosed why he made the film.

“Ryan Reynolds is as good as it gets in every single way, shape and form, and this incredible phenom of an actress, Cailey Fleming, is in the movie. For me, it was just about what if we could tell a story about these time capsules? Imaginary friends are adorable and all those things, but they’re also time capsules of your hopes, dreams, and ambitions when you were the most fertile of a brain, and it never goes away.”

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IF is slated to premiere in theaters on May 17, 2024. Check out the trailer below:

IF 2024 Film Poster

IF (2024)

A young girl who goes through a difficult experience begins to see everyone’s imaginary friends who have been left behind as their real-life friends have grown up.

Release Date
May 17, 2024

Main Genre

SOURCE : collider.com

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