What Happened To Madison Brush After Sister Wives Season 18
What Happened To Madison Brush After Sister Wives Season 18

What Happened To Madison Brush After Sister Wives Season 18

What Happened To Madison Brush After Sister Wives Season 18

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  • Some of the Brown children from Sister Wives have chosen to leave the show and live more private lives due to the strain of public scrutiny.
  • Kody Brown’s relationship with his daughter Maddie has become strained, with Kody reportedly not making an effort to reach out and check on her and his grandchildren.
  • Maddie Brush, along with her mother Janelle, sells a controversial wellness supplement called Plexus, which has garnered criticism from the public and Sister Wives viewers.



Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and Janelle Brown have chosen to share their lives and relationships on their exciting reality TV series, but some of their children have chosen to leave the series behind and have many wondering what’s been happening with them, like Madison Brown Brush. Kody shares 18 children with his 4 wives, Janelle, Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown. Though Robyn came into the Brown family with children from a previous marriage, Kody’s adopted her older children and made them part of the family. Though some of the Brown children still appear on Sister Wives season 18 regularly, many have moved on with their lives.

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The strain of the publicity on the Brown family’s life has been obvious in a larger sense, but it’s become clear in the way that the Brown children choose to interact on their own, as well. For some, it’s too difficult to maintain a social presence with the large public who’s watched many of them grow up. For others, the fact that they’re already removed from the family allows them to appreciate the online support and share their lives a bit more openly with their followers. Maddie has been on both sides, and has decided to live more privately.

  • Sister Wives Latest Poster TV Show

    Sister Wives

    Sister Wives is a TV series created for TLC that follows Cody Brown and his four wives as they raise their eighteen children and tackle the challenges associated with their massive family dynamic and the stigma that comes with their way of life.

Maddie Brush’s Relationship With Kody Brown’s Strained In 2023

Madison Brown Sister Wives

Although Kody and Maddie had a good relationship in years prior, things have become strained for the father and daughter in the last year. Kody was always close with Maddie, even officiating her wedding in 2016. The pair continued to have a close relationship even after she welcomed her children, Axel, Evie, and Josephine. The relationship became strained during the COVID-19 pandemic when Kody decided that if Maddie didn’t reach out to him, he wouldn’t be reaching out either. The father daughter duo is reportedly in a stalemate, and Kody has yet to attempt to be the parent in the relationship and check on his daughter or grandchildren.

Maddie Brush’s Pushing The Controversial Plexus “Pink Drink”

Maddie sits somewhere in the middle of her siblings views when it comes to sharing online. She keeps her personal life private, but she also wants to share things for the sake of her family and her business, as well. Maddie, along with her mother Janelle, sells Plexus, a controversial wellness supplement. Using her Instagram as a way to pull in customers, Maddie has to have an online presence and maintain it, but she does her best to make things as professional as possible. Unfortunately, Plexus garners a lot of criticism from the public and Sister Wives viewers, who aren’t thrilled with Maddie’s choice in revenue stream.

Maddie Brush Got Real About Parenting Her Baby Daughter Josephine

Madison Brown Brush Sister Wives cuddling with her children

Although Maddie has been successfully parenting her 3 kids along with her husband, Caleb Brush, for years, she’s still sharing new lessons learned on her Instagram for her followers and Sister Wives viewers alike. In a recent post, Maddie got real about her youngest daughter, Josephine. Sharing a video of herself looking tired while holding a wide-awake baby Josephine, Maddie shared that none of her kids have been worse at sleeping than her youngest. Though she knows she has tons of family members from Sister Wives she can reach out to for help, Maddie seems to have her parenting style down to a science.

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