11 Funniest Addams Family Comics Starring Wednesday (From the Original Comic Strip) – Cinemasoon
11 Funniest Addams Family Comics Starring Wednesday (From the Original Comic Strip) – Cinemasoon

11 Funniest Addams Family Comics Starring Wednesday (From the Original Comic Strip) – Cinemasoon

11 Funniest Addams Family Comics Starring Wednesday (From the Original Comic Strip) – Cinemasoon

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Wednesday Addams wasn’t originally created as an Addams Family child – her first appearance in 1940 was that of a haunted-looking young girl, jump roping by the light of the streetlamp in the middle of the night. As creator Charles Addams started linking together many of his macabre characters into an actual family, he knew she had to be the child of his first Addams character Morticia. A friend of Charles Addams’ thought the girl’s name should be Wednesday, after an old English poem with the line, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe,” suggesting that children born on Wednesdays will have bad luck. However, in her many appearances across page, stage, and screen, Wednesday Addams has shown herself to be more likely to create trouble than suffer from it.

Charles Addams published nearly 1,600 cartoons from 1933 up to his death in 1988, but The Addams Family is his most cherished work. Wednesday Addams has always been a fan-favorite character, both for young children and teens who see themselves in her, and adults who grew up a little dark and goth. Indeed, Wednesday is so popular she even got her own show, played by Jenna Ortega in an off-kilter coming of age story. Though not very talkative in the original comics, her quiet manner and strange activities established her core character, which has remained surprisingly consistent ever since.

One of the most important facets of The Addams Family is that – despite their love of the macabre – they are a close, loving family. Here, Gomez builds wooden furniture in the garage with his two children, and everyone is enjoying themselves as he assures his kid, “You’ll see, chicks, that half the fun is in making it yourself.” What makes it ‘Addams’ is that the furniture is a torture device called the rack, meant for painfully stretching a body beyond its limits. Wednesday is joyfully applying the varnish, proud of her work and happy to spend time with her dad and brother.

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The Addams Family seems to do a lot of DIY in their spare time, as this comic shows another funny piece of woodwork. Rather than the traditional birdhouse outside her window, Wednesday has made a near replica of the iconic Addams mansion. And instead of happily tweeting birds, hers attracts an animal that feels more at home next to her: a colony of bats.

A frequent gag for The Addams Family is one-time mentions of the extended family. The family tree includes everything from serial killers, wicked witches, and tyrannical despots to figures who are gentle but odd, like Cousin Itt and an unnamed baby with two heads. An unpublished sketch of Addams’ showed Cousin Rion spoiling Wednesday by gifting her with a noose. These characters always worked best as quick gags and foils for the main Addams family. Here, Gomez assures Wednesday that Uncle Cosimo made the world a worse place – an example for her to live up to.

Though mother Morticia’s face often looks dour, her words here give away her excitement and love for Wednesday and Pugsley in this funny moment, as she calls, “Hurry, kiddies, they’re coming into the feeding station now.” Rather than running up to see a pretty animal in the nearby woods, or squirrels and birds, she summons them to catch a pair of vultures feasting on a half-eaten carcass. What’s more, they’re perched on a feeding station in the tree, suggesting the kids asked their parents to set this up for them.

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