Is Chucky in ‘Dead by Daylight?’ The Game’s Newest Killer, Explained
Is Chucky in ‘Dead by Daylight?’ The Game’s Newest Killer, Explained

Is Chucky in ‘Dead by Daylight?’ The Game’s Newest Killer, Explained

Is Chucky in ‘Dead by Daylight?’ The Game’s Newest Killer, Explained

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From spine-tingling licensed killers to the OG slayers slated as the face of Dead by Daylight, the interactive game series continues to unleash a cauldron of sought-after killers — and it appears that DBD is now adding another major name.

As per IGN, the newest DBD chapter is set to introduce longtime horror villain Chucky to the video game. As the beloved mascot for the ever-popular Child’s Play franchise, Chucky has certainly been a major player in the horror realm and has been eagerly anticipated for years now. From the DBD community on Reddit calling for Chucky’s inclusion to die-hard gamers itching to see his mechanics in the game, it definitely feels like Chucky’s introduction is a special Christmas gift come early.

So before Chucky officially makes his much-anticipated debut in Dead by Daylight on Nov. 28 — although the PTB can be accessed via Steam right now — let’s dive in and explore the horror game’s newest killer.

Chucky’s game mechanics and appearance, explained

First off, one of the best parts about now having Chucky in Dead by Daylight is the fact that his crazed lover Tiffany Valentine is coming with him. And if you’re a die-hard fan of Tiffany (like me and my fiancée are), then you’ll be thrilled to learn that his sinister bride will be available as a “Good Gal” custom skin add-on after purchasing Chucky. The true kicker of it all? Chucky and Tiffany will be voiced by their real-life voice actors Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly, respectively. 

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Alongside the Tiffany add-on, Chucky will be equipped with several jaw-dropping abilities — including some emphatic stealth abilities that allow him to sneakily move throughout the map without a typical “red stain” that indicates when killers are nearby. In addition, Chucky can sneakily crawl underneath pallets and evade windows by vaulting through and swiftly running past in a way to down Survivors.

Of course, I had to save the best news for last and reveal that Chucky’s real-life Charles Lee Ray persona will also be utilized in the hit horror game. As per various reports, Charles Lee Ray, infamously known as Chucky’s human form before his soul was transferred to the Good Guy doll, will be seen during matches as a spirit who can help hook Survivors and interrupt progress on generators.

So if you’re not too familiar with Chucky, you’re about to become his best friend forever when his official chapter releases on Nov. 28.


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