Making your move for clean sport – proactive reporting of doping in sport

Making your move for clean sport – proactive reporting of doping in sport

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ITA experts are highly trained professionals from our intelligence and investigations team which manages any information reported to them. This team has many years of experience of handling sensitive issues and is committed to protecting your identity as well as protecting your sport. Remember, we are all a team for clean sport!

At the ITA, we know that in many situations, athletes feel they are encouraged, coerced or even forced to dope despite their lack of willingness to do so, often in systems that present no opportunities for athletes to speak out, be independent or succeed outside of the rigid conditions imposed by their teams and federations.

So – how do the ITA experts seek to protect these athletes? How do they hold to account those officials putting this pressure on athletes to dope, who rarely face the career-altering consequences athletes do?

They speak to you, they listen, and they seek to understand.

Our ITA experts want to encourage all athletes who are facing these pressures or are aware of doping activities occurring that harm the health of athletes and erode the integrity of sporting competitions to come forward and speak to them.

The protection of the identity of the Proactive Reporter is at the heart of our experts’ work. They will treat your information confidentially and you can decide if you wish to remain anonymous. Once you have submitted a report, ITA experts will review and assess it. After the review, the ITA will consider taking potential action in a safe, considerate, and confidential manner. Our expert will also reply and provide feedback on your report, when possible.

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By clicking here, you will see one of these ITA experts, Nicholas Raudenski, our Head of Intelligence and Investigations, explain to you: what happens when you send confidential information to the ITA experts through REVEAL.

If you want to know more about proactive reporting of doping in sport you can watch the below video that provides a comprehensive overview on the topic!


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