Mini Drones Developed For Russian Su-57 Fighter
Mini Drones Developed For Russian Su-57 Fighter
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Mini Drones Developed For Russian Su-57 Fighter

Mini Drones Developed For Russian Su-57 Fighter

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The Su-57 is a Russian fifth-generation multirole fighter. It was created using stealth technologies and advanced electronics. This fighter is capable of carrying armaments in the fuselage’s internal compartments. The aircraft also has a supersonic cruising speed and is capable of maneuvering with high overloads.

Mini drones have been created for the Russian fifth-generation fighter Su-57, which it will carry on board giving the aircraft the capacity to control a cluster of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), a source told Sputnik.

“Mini-UAVs to be used for various purposes have been created for the Su-57, which the aircraft will be able to carry on an external sling and inside the fuselage, and drop in the air. It is planned that the fighter will launch several drones at once and control this group of drones,” the source said.

The source added that the UAVs will be used for attack, reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

Drones which will be in particular demand will be those which a group of Su-57s can drop by the dozen thereby allowing fighters to break through the enemy’s air defenses – both by overloading information channels and by a concentrated attack on its systems, the source said.
Mini Drones Developed For Russian Su-57 Fighter

Russian Aerospace Force Receives New Su-57 Multirole Fighter Jets
In April 2021, a source in the aircraft industry reported that the Su-57 will be further developed to control a group of small drones. At that time it was noted that the development of on-board equipment and special software had begun, and a space for ground testing of the system of interaction of the drones with the carrier fighter and with each other was being created.

Deliveries of these aircraft began in 2022. According to the present state armament program, the Air Force will receive 76 Su-57s by 2027.

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